Truffle Potato Foccacia


This suggestion requires a Foccacia or bread dough.
Have a ready to go dough that you press into a tin ready for baking.

Slice a potato into thin cuts, place in a bowl and gently with olive oil in your hands lightly massage, really really gently, you don’t won’t to break the slices. Then, with your oily hands stack the the potatoes in overlapping rhythm on top of the bread dough.
Cover the focaccia dough with the potatoes making a pattern of your own style, just keep the size of the potato slices even and allow space for the potatoes to cook, don’t overlap too much.

Bless the Foccacia with a little olive oil and some crunchy sea salt and put into a HOT oven.
This will take about 20 -30minutes to cook, but work with your experience of your dough recipe and knowledge of your oven.

When the cooked potato foccacia comes out of the oven grate over fresh truffle and slice and serve the fragrant slices.

If you are out of fresh truffle or it’s not winter, you can sprinkle the hot foccacia with truffle oil and truffle salt…Delicious.

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