Truffle Oil two sizes

Truffle Oil two sizes

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As the saying goes ~ all oils ain’t oils
Our truffle is made with premium essence reflecting the true soul and flavour integrity.

Our Truffle oil is made with premium organic truffle essence, all natural, this is the best, most authentic tasting Truffle Oil we have ever tasted! We’ve tasted a lot.
A splash of truffle oil will change an ordinary dish into something truly spectacular. Truffle oil is best paired with simple foods such as pasta, rice, potato, polenta, eggs and cheese. It also enhances the flavour of fish, red meat and poultry.

Experiment in the kitchen with truffle oil it is versatile, affordable and a little goes a long way;
Hint: It is best to finish or garnish the dish with the oil at the last minute to capture its delightful flavour and fragrance.
We have two sizes available:
100ml $17.95
250ml $29.95

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