What is a truffle?

A truffle is the highly aromatic subterranean fruiting body of a fungi growing on the roots of specific host trees. There are literally hundreds of varieties of truffle that exist in almost all continents yet only a handful have any real significance in the culinary world. The French Black and the Italian White truffles are the most valuable and of all.

Can you describe the aroma and taste of black truffles?
Most people describe the aroma and taste of black truffle quite differently. What is universally agreed however is that the fragrance is like nothing else on earth! Adjectives often used to describe the aroma of black truffle include breathtaking, intoxicating, heavy, musky, earthy, erotic and smouldering.  The flavour has hints of forest floor, garlic, parmesan, violets, vanilla and chocolate… What will you say?

Are Australian truffles as good as the European truffles?
Australian truffles are the same species as those grown in Europe. The truffles we are producing are used by many international chefs and gourmet food distributors who are extremely impressed with the quality. Like wine varietals, the aroma and flavour of truffles may also have slight regional nuances.

Are truffles good for you?
Truffles contain around 72% water, very little vegetable fat and are rich in quality proteins. They also contain many minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and various other organic substances along with containing 7.6% fibre. So yes... truffles are good for you!

What is the best way to store my truffles when they arrive?
Store your truffles in a sealed glass jar in the least cool part of the fridge. It is important to wrap them in absorbent paper first and change this daily until used.

Can I use my truffle over a few days?
Certainly… when you have used enough truffle for the dish you are creating, immediately wrap it in absorbent paper and return it to the sealed jar in the fridge.

Why are truffles relatively expensive?
There are good reasons why truffle is one of the most expensive culinary ingredients in the world. Truffles are nowadays a scarce commodity in Europe due to diminishing natural supplies and they are also extremely hard to grow in cultivation. The price of truffles is directly determined by their scarcity and an increasing demand for supply.

How many truffle varieties do you supply?
We principally supply two varieties of truffle in their respective seasons; 
Australian grown French Black Truffle ~ June – August
Australian grown Summer Truffle ~ December – February